Indian Education is currently predominantly knowledge-based and should ideally be more application based. The BlacBook assists in making the shift by connecting university students with a list of relevant industry experts and global thought leaders.
— Governing Council Member, DSI

what is the blacbook?

An exclusive by-invitation only network that connects university students to industry experts & thought leaders around the globe.

what we do

The BlacBook collaborates with Indian Universities and curates a list of experts to complement and enhance the study/academic plan followed by the university. This makes the subject matter more relevant to current trends in the workplace.


As a service, the BlackBook provides its member universities the following benefits:

  • Positively affects NAAC-IQAC/NBA/NIRF scores & rankings

  • Engage with industry speakers to enhance student learning

  • Help students connect material learnt in the classroom with real world application 

  • Expose students to subject matter experts from all over the globe

  • Students are more “job- ready” with such exposure 

  • Students are up to date with the latest teaching methods and international curriculum around the globe

  • Collaborate with foreign universities for certification and summer exchange programs