what is the blacbook for thought leaders & subject matter experts (SME)?

An exclusive by-invitation only network that connects thought leaders & industry experts to student audiences around the world.

The BlacBook enables a subject matter expert to share his or her legacy and wealth of knowledge with an international audience. We collaborate with Indian Universities & Educational Institutions to provide an academic audience and facilitate the interaction between SMEs and students.

who is an sme?

Any individual who has a story worth sharing, including but not limited to:

  • C-Suite Leadership

  • Mid-level Management

  • Entrepreneurs & Founders

  • Family Business Leaders

  • Thought Leaders & Content creators

  • Professors/ Researchers/Teaching Assistants/PhDs

what does a typical speaking engagement entail?

  • A 30 minute segment that includes any format of presentation that best suits the speaker. It can be 100% speaking without any props, a full-fledged presentation or anything in between such as an interviewer driven fireside chat format of discussion.

  • Choice between in-person presentation or online broadcast.

  • Choose from pre-approved topics that connect theoretical concepts to real-life applications.


As a service, the BlackBook provides its subject matter experts the following benefits:

-      Acquire experience talking to a large audience and gain credibility

-      Establish yourself as a thought leader

-      Opportunity to interact with international student base

-      Opportunity to enhance your teaching/oratory skills

-      Get rated on content and receive feedback 

-      Become a certified Blacbook SME