College is one of the most significant investment decisions in people’s lives.
In this increasingly competitive world, there are only a handful of universities that are household names. If you are NOT one of those, what can you do to stand out & get the attention of prospective students?

what is the blacbook?

An exclusive by-invitation only network that connects universities to prospective students around the globe.

It provides a branding opportunity for foreign universities looking to attract international students.

what we do

In today’s ever changing educational landscape, the “be everything to everyone” strategy is not sustainable for most institutions. To thrive in this new context, schools must rethink their strategy for acquiring new students.

The BlacBook enables university admissions/ marketing team to create awareness about the university and facilitates organic conversations about student life, university programs and facilities via a series of direct educational interactions with the student body.


  • A platform that organically connects universities to potential student bodies in universities via a series of lectures, webinars and master classes so as to give students an insight into the unique offerings of the university.

  • A branding opportunity for foreign universities looking to attract international students

  • A platform that helps universities get on the radar of college students even before they begin to think about higher education.

  • It works as a brand reinforcement tool

The BlacBook is NOT:

  • An agent who brings in students for a commission

  • A social media marketing company

  • A student broker

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